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Retraining Racehorses

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Rehoming Racehorses - A Life After Racing" provides rest, rehabilitation, retraining and re-homing of horses that have come out of training thus relieving trainers and owners of the re-homing headache.

For horses that have come out of training due to injury, particularly to a tendon, recovery is a lengthy process of box-rest and in-hand walking prior to any rehabilitative exercise being undertaken; thus it is extremely difficult for a trainer to make a reasoned decision as to re-homing until the horse is sound and working again. Realistically trainers cannot be expected to keep horses for indefinite periods of time whilst they recover and many owners do not have facility to take their horses home; with both parties ultimately being in the game to have runners yet being aware of their responsibilities with regards to a horse’s welfare, what is the answer?

Whilst it is accepted that owners do ultimately have the responsibility to ensure their horses are found good homes, with many owners not having any equestrian knowledge, this can prove difficult despite best intentions, and made even more difficult for horses that are carrying an injury or are going to need more specialist retraining to help them transition from racehorse to riding horse. 
"A Life After Racing" has been set up specifically to address both situations.
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